A great misconception is that taking care of Bedlington coat is difficult.

Bedlington Terrier has a very characteristic coat without undercoat; it consists of thin and thick hair. It is incredibly soft and once you touched him you will want to do it again and again. They also do not have the typical smell of longhaired dogs.

They almost do not shed. You can safely cuddle them on your way to work without having a single hair sticking to your clothes. However they require regular brushing to prevent flitting. It is important to teach your dog brushing routine from very early age. Make it and an important interaction between you and the dog, and you will both enjoy it.

An important part of Bedlington care is grooming. Their coat needs to be cut every 6-8 weeks.

A great misconception is that taking care of Bedlington coat is difficult.

Indeed it is more demanding if you intend to keep your dog in a show coat. However if you keep a Bedlington as a family pet and you do not wish to spend a lot of time brushing your dog you can easily cut its coat short and enjoy a dog that is soft and is not shedding.

A family pet cut can be done by a professional groomer, however with a bit of an investment in a clipper you can easily learn to do it yourself. These few extra hours of interaction between you and your dog will strengthen your bond in a new way.

Tips for coat care


A Bedlington Terrier should be brushed through once a week.

If the dog has caught small sticks and moss in the legs during the walk you should brush them away as soon as possible. They might irritate your dog and it will be the easier for you to brush the coat at the "real" weekly brushing.

A Bedlington should have a proper bath at least once a month. The dog should be blown dry with a blow dryer while you brush the dog directly after the bath. To bathe a Bedlington and then let it "self-dry" is a not a good idea. If the dog is matted, tangles will "glue together" and will become even harder to brush out.

To save the effort it is a good practice to brush through the dog just before the bath and of course after the bath while drying using a blow dryer.

Show cut


A graceful, lithe, muscular dog, with no signs of either weakness or coarseness. Whole head pear or wedge-shaped, and expression in repose mild and gentle.




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