Welcome to my webpage about Bedlington Terrier!

I would like to share with you all I have learned about these fantastic dogs.


My name is Adelina


My adventure with Bedlington terrier goes back to 2002, when I saw a BT for the first time.

It was at a conformation dog show in Odense. My husband and I were looking for a dog breed that could in the future become part of our family. That day we came across a Danish couple Jørgen and Birgit Wohlfahrt that were showing their two dogs.

Back home we did a lot of research trying to better understand the characteristics of the breed. We have agreed that this is a type of dog that would fit to our life style. It was not too big – would fit into a family car with kids an cats (at that time we had 3 Chartreux cats) and it was not too small – no one would step on it by accident; it seemed to be rather relaxed at home – we both have full time jobs that keep us away from home for most of the day, and most importantly it does not shed and does not have a typical dog smell!

Unfortunately at that time we did not feel we had the space and time to accommodate a new member of the family. Time passed quickly and it was only after 10 years we finally decided to buy a Bedlington Terrier.

Notice Connect People (Blue) joined our family in March 2013.



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